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Welcome to ENMOS . Photography


This website is, besides showing my photographs, also dedicated to giving information about the various species.
Although you will find more than insect images alone on this website it is my main interest. Therefore, the 'Insects and Spiders' section is substantially larger than any other section (Animals, Landscapes and Sunsets, Flowers and Plants, Mushrooms, Miscellaneous).


Please use the images in the title to navigate between the various image galleries.

Below these gallery links you will find some additional links:

Home: this page.

Photographing insects: this link will take you to a short piece by Richard Seaman on photographing insects (described below).

Autumn leaf scans: this will take you to my collection of scanned autumn leaves.

Pet photos: some photographs of my two cats.

Friends: here you will find links to other websites by friends of enmos.eu.

I have put a lot of effort in finding information about the featured insects, spiders, plants, and mushrooms. I have also done my best to identify the various species as well as finding their common names. It is, however, not unthinkable that I might have made an error as I am not a professional. If you come across a species that is misidentified according to you, please let me know.

Please include in your e-mail why you think it is misidentified and, if possible, suggest an alternative identification.

Similarly, if you come across a species that is not yet identified and you think you know what species it is, you can also let me know.

To contact me, manually enter my e-mail address into your e-mail program and enter 'Enmos Photography' into the subject field.

If you are interested in photographing insects yourself please follow the link 'Photographing insects' in the top menu.
Richard Seaman, a fellow photographer from New-Zealand, has been very nice to allow me to post a short piece he has written on this subject.

Have fun !


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