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True bugs (Order Hemiptera)

The Hemiptera is the largest and by far the most successful of the Hemi-metabolic insects. There are at least 80.000 named species and probably many more. About 11.000 named species occur in North America, 5.600 from Australia and 1.600 from the UK. Traditionally they are divided into two groups the Heteroptera and the Homoptera (Sternorrhyncha, and... more


Waterstriders (Family Gerridae)

Common Pond Skater (Aquarius lacustris)

Previously known as Gerris lacustris, this insect has a narrow brownish-black to gray body. The forelegs are short while the middle- and hind legs are long. All True Bugs have sucking mouthparts which is known...  more



Leaf-footed Bugs (Family Coreidae)

Brown Squash Bug (Coreus marginatus)

It does not have the side stripes seen in other Shield Bug species and it's shoulders are more rounded. It has two small distinctive pointers in the front of the head between the antennae which have dark tips...  more



Plant Bugs (Family Miridae)

Grass Bug (Stenodema laevigatum)

The Grass Bug is exceptionally elongate in comparison with other bugs. They are a pale yellowish-green. Their color turns to brownish in autumn. This color change provides them with a good camouflage in all...  more


Large Striped Plant Bug (Miris striatus)

Striking bug with a yellow or orange cuneus on each striped forewing. Found on oak, hazel, elm and hawthorns. Partly predatory on small caterpillars and other soft bodied insects but also feeds on young...  more


Two-spotted Grass Bug (Stenotus binotatus)

This bug is overall light greenish or yellowish. The front of head is black and the top of head is green. The pronotum has two large black spots that are shaped like elongated semicircles with a straight edge anteriorly, each...  more



Froghoppers (Family Cercopidae)

Black and Red Froghopper (Cercopis vulnerata)

This is a conspicuous froghopper with its black body with red markings which acts as a warning to predators. Young stages are pale yellowish-green. It is found in wooded and grassy places, where the adults...  more


A froghopper, family Cercopdiae



Scentless Plant Bugs (Family Rhopalidae)

A Scentless Plant Bug (Rhopalus subrufus)

Rhopalus subrufus is a species of scentless plant bugs belonging to the family Rhopalidae, subfamily Rhopalinae. It can be distinguished for its membranous forewings and the connexivum with dark and light stripes. It mainly feeds...  more



Damsel Bugs (Family Nabidae)

Ant Damsel Bug (Himacerus mirmicoides)

The Ant Damsel Bug is a species of damsel bug belonging to the family Nabidae, subfamily Nabinae.
The species name "mirmicoides" comes from the similarity of the nymphs in the early instars to...  more



Stink Bugs and Shield Bugs (Family Pentatomidae)

Green Shield Bug (Palomena prasina)

The Green Shield Bug is a shield bug of the family Pentatomidae. It may also be referred to as a Green Stink Bug, particularly outside of Britain, although the name green stink bug more appropriately belongs to the larger...  more




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